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Jewish life on campus can, and should be, a great many things. We recognize that Jewish life is not centered in a fixed space here at the Tufts Hillel Center. Jewish life also lives on campus beyond the walls of our building, in apartments, dorms, coffee shops, dining halls, or fraternity and sorority houses.

The Innovative Community Building initiative honors this by expanding the range of possibilities of what Jewish life can look like and where it can take place.

Each year, approximately twenty program fellows are selected to reach out to Jewish students on campus. With support and training from Tufts Hillel, they develop transformative experiences that speak to who students are, wherever they happen to be on their Jewish journey.

Creating Connections

Together, these students create connections all over campus, getting together with a single friend for coffee, a small group to see a film, or hosting a lively Shabbat dinner at their off-campus apartment.

Gatherings like these offer the chance for students to build community and explore some of life’s big questions through a Jewish lens.

Through their own social networks, and with guidance and training, the fellows use their knowledge of the campus and the wider community to help other students – and themselves — find ways to create a Jewish life that reflects their passions and interests and to achieve meaningful Jewish experiences.

Exploring Together

Each week, the fellows meet at Tufts Hillel for support and training. Together, they explore issues of Jewish identity and spiritual practice. Through formal programs and informal conversation, the fellows develop skills and a sense of camaraderie and shared mission that extends far beyond the program.

Community Building Fellows extend Jewish life on campus beyond the walls of Tufts Hillel. It offers students an infinite number of ways to connect, explore their culture and history, find meaning, deepen friendships, and travel further along their journey.