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Work with great people on projects that matter, have fun, learn, repeat.

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About the Fellowship

Is this fellowship for you?

If you are interested in joining a creative community with a strong support system, where you can learn marketing, social media strategy, design and build your resume in the creative field, then this might be the right fit for you. 

The Digital Media Fellows are a group of creative digital storytellers who collaborate, and create content in a range of media types.  At the heart of great content creation and marketing is technical expertise (which we will cover) but more importantly: story. Story is at the heart of effective brands, companies and communities. The role of the digital media fellows is to utilize digital media to create various forms of content centered around authentic, heartfelt, meaningful, funny, and emotionally compelling stories to create the most effective marketing possible to highlight all things Tufts Hillel.  Fellows receive access to creative tools and resources, along with guidance and mentorship in creative strategy and content creation. In return, fellows proactively work individually and collectively on creative content for Tufts Hillel.

Seminars are 80% hands-on collaboration...a time to create and take action.

With oversight and collaboration from the Communications and Marketing Manager, we create content every week around Tufts Hillel’s mission.  Content will be driven by the Digital Media Fellows and informed by upcoming events, programs, and initiatives.   How many hours is this? Weekly Fellowship Seminar 2 hours.  Time: We work as a group to identify a regular time that works for everyone - (must be during business hours M-F 9-5) Location: In person at Tufts Hillel, or held over Zoom if  necessary. These seminars are 80% hands on training/learning/creating and collaborating with peers and 20% “meeting” time to check in. In plain english: this is not one more meeting for you to attend, but a time to create and take action.
Anyone can apply for this opportunity! Whether you have walked into Tufts Hillel or any religious community before or not, whether you have marketing experience or not, whether you have ever done photography or not – if you want to be a part of a creative community and are willing to learn, this opportunity is for you!  Minimum 1 semester commitment. Am I qualified? Yes, this is your chance... If you've always wanted to learn about media creation and never had the opportunity, this is your chance. If you are experienced in media creation, this is great, however it is only important if you are also proactive, passionate and excited.  If you feel you are inexperienced in media creation but still have the aforementioned traits then you are encouraged to apply.
The Application Process:
  • Priority Application due date
  • Secondary Application due date
  • Interviews: We will reach out via email
  • Digital Media Fellowship Begins the first week of classes.
  Priority application deadline All applicants who submit their applications by the priority deadline are guaranteed an interview. Secondary application deadline All applicants who submit their applications by the secondary deadline will be considered, but not guaranteed to proceed to the interview stage.

The application will ask for:

  • Basic personal information
  • A Six word memoir
  • Video submission: Introduce yourself in a 30-60 second video. Note: The purpose of this video is not to gauge your savvy with tech (unless you have some) The purpose is to learn about you and what you are excited for!
  • Optional: Links to media and/or social media work you have created or helped create
  • Your areas of interest in digital media (what you want to learn)
  • Your areas of experience in digital media
  • 150-200 word answer to: Why are you interested in joining the fellowship?

One to one interviews will take place over zoom - dates/times to be determined.

Fellowship begins week of September 14th

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply if I have never been to Hillel?

A: Yes please do.

Q: Can I apply if I am already on a Hillel leadership team?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I apply if I am attending Tufts remotely?

A: Yes.

Q: Will this look good on my resume?

A: Yes.

Q: What if I have no background in digital media, or content creation?

A: Consider the following: If you have passion, proactivity and a willingness to learn, the skills will follow. The Fellowship will provide you with the tools and experience to gain these skills.

Q: Can I apply if I’m not Jewish or have little or no Jewish background?

A: Please do. Hillel is a center for all. A willingness to learn and grow is what matters.

A willingness to engage in Jewish themes and to learn about Jewish values will help. 

Q: As a Fellow what kind of content will we create?

A: We work together as a team to support the programs, events and initiatives at Hillel. See our website and social media for more information.