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The First Year Committee welcomes new students with special events designed to help them make friends and connect with the Tufts Hillel community. We encourage first years to build our community through fun programming by and for freshman. Beginning with our orientation week open house and Shabbat dinner in the fall through the Freshman Retreat in the spring, we open our doors year round to give freshman a friendly place to learn, grow and connect with Tufts Hillel.

JWC offers programming by, about, and (not only) for women. Our educational programs, workshops, outings, social events and discussions are a chance for students to explore what it means to be a Jew and a woman today. Committee members share their experiences to create a strong, supportive environment for Jewish women on campus.

JQUEST serves the Jewish lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning student community. The committee coordinates meetings and events that speak to the experience of being both Jewish and Queer. Our social, cultural, and educational programs are designed to increase awareness of religion and sexuality and how they connect to each other. Committee members foster a community on campus that supports and enhances LGBTQ students’ lives in safe, comfortable, respectful and inclusive ways. All activities are open to students of all sexual orientations and religious backgrounds.

The Interfaith Committee plans events and activities that encourage understanding and respect among people of all religions, traditions, cultures, and philosophies. Committee members promote positive, meaningful relationships across differences to build community and contribute to a more accepting campus environment and more peaceful world.