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We’re living at a unique time in Jewish history. For 2,000 years, Jews have prayed to be able to return to a Jewish homeland. Now we’re living at a time when that’s a reality.

Tufts Hillel is deeply committed to supporting Israel as a Jewish democratic state, a nation in the family of nations.

We think it’s vital for Jewish students to have the opportunity to learn about Israel in a real way — to visit, discuss, and engage with Israel. We want students to be able to have informed and thoughtful discussions and speak knowledgeably about the complex issues facing Israel in the 21st century.

There are three ways that we approach our work in connection with Israel.

First, we want as many students as possible to go to Israel so that they can understand the country from within. We want students to learn Israel’s languages and experience its cultures. We encourage them to experience the country first hand through study abroad, travel, work, and Birthright trips with a commitment to excellent pre- and post-trip education. 

Second, we offer broad-based educational programs on campus that allow students to explore Israel’s society with its cultural and religious diversity and to gain a historical and political understanding of conflicts in the Middle East.

Third, we are deeply committed to engaging with all students on campus in dialog about most productive ways to bring peace to the conflict in the Middle East and move the agenda of peace forward. Through our coalition of groups that comprise Tufts Students for Two States, we actively work for a time when Israel and Palestine will live side by side in peace and security.

We believe that Israel draws strength from its vibrant democracy. We’re open to engaging with a wide spectrum of views about Israel.